Bach Shapes eBook Now Available!

I had a surprising amount of requests for a downloadable version of Bach Shapes last week, so here it is!


Bach Shapes – Digital Download


Bach Shapes: Diatonic Sequences for Saxophone, PDF edition.



Downloadable PDF version of Bach Shapes: Diatonic Sequences Derived From the Music of J. S. Bach, for saxophone. Includes 4 jazz etudes, an explanatory introduction and the Shapes transposed into all keys. More information at

New June Release!


I humbly request that you don’t share this to Scribd or any such sites if you can help it! The download is a good option for our European customers until I can find a better way to ship books to Europe. Enjoy!



And if you missed the first three analysis posts from the Bach Shapes sub-blog, which includes my breakdown of some of Paul Desmond’s improvisational methods and a full transcription, here they are:

Paul Desmond and Bach Part One

Paul Desmond and Bach Part Two 

Paul Desmond and Bach Part Three

The solo I didn’t get around to covering is “Tangerine,” a really great one, transcribed by pianist Bill Mays in Doug Ramsey’s book. For now I would pick up his ebook here, or transcribe that solo yourself. Here it is:



Thanks and if you enjoy the book please do write us a review on Amazon!


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