Bach Shapes eBook coming June 15

I’m happy to announce that the Bach Shapes eBook will be available as a downloadable PDF next week on June 15th. For now it will only be available here on my site. The response has been great so far, and if you have the book please do send me your feedback and if you get a chance, review it on Amazon.

I have also enjoyed putting together Part One and Part Two of the Paul Desmond series, tied in with some of the concepts in the book. Hopefully Part Three will be out this Thursday. My hope is that these posts will continue to illuminate different ways of using Bach Shapes. A video will be produced over the summer that will go even further in this direction. Thanks for reading and watch for updates here.



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  1. Interesting book. It’s a pity that shipping costs to Germany almost double the price.

    Any eBook version planned?

    Btw, what does “Just Freundes” mean?

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