Bach Shapes Video

For those of you interested in how some of the etudes sound from my new book, Bach Shapes, here is “20,000 Fugues”, based on “How Deep is the Ocean?” Joining me is Stefan Vasnier on the piano.


This is our first attempt to play some of the material from the book, and I also recorded a brief tutorial that day on how to start working with the shapes, that is still to come. For now enjoy the music and do feel free to order the book in PDF or print for your fall studies here. The book is currently discounted to $16.95, which is less than it sells for on Amazon.

I will be teaching a course on Jazz History this fall at City College of New York, along with my regular private teaching, but my hope is to keep weekly posts up regarding the book, as there is still a lot of material I would like to explain. Til’ then!



  1. Hi Jon
    Got your book a while ago. It is part of my daily practice routine. I really enjoy the sounds coming from my tenor. I started to listen to Bach as well.
    Looking forward to the tutorial and the next book.

    1. Hey Joe,
      I really appreciate you letting me know! Thanks for picking up the book, and I will of course post here as soon as new materials become available. Happy practicing!

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