Bach Shapes Etude Contest and Updates

First bit of news, Bach Shapes, the first book, will be available on the Amazon Kindle for only $9.99 on November 23, 2020. You can in fact already preorder it here: Bach Shapes for Kindle. You will need a Kindle that supports graphics, like cookbooks and comics, in order to view the book properly.

It will also now be sold print-on-demand from Amazon as well, starting the same week. This means I could really use all of your reviews on Amazon if you get a chance! Leave a review for Bach Shapes on Amazon.

Excited to announce that the Bass Clef edition of Bach Shapes will be up next on Amazon, which means you’ll be able to order print copies of that soon too. It will include a foreword from the great bassist Lincoln Goines, along with a revamped introduction. Digital pdf’s directly from my site here are still the best option of course!

Now, to celebrate the imminent arrival of Book Two, I am holding an Etude contest on Instagram or Facebook. Using the hashtag #bachshapesetudecontest record yourself playing along with me on one of the etudes below. You can download the videos from the links and edit them together with your own clip.

Number One is from Book One, on the tune “How Deep is The Ocean.” Number Two is from Book Two, still to come, on the tune “Indiana” or “Donna Lee.” These studies are both great at implementing Bach’s melodic material to jazz chord progressions. The third option is to write your own etude using the patterns available in Book One, which I highly recommend trying. Either way use the same hashtag and I can’t wait to see what you put together!

I’ve included PDF’s in Eb, Bb, Concert and Bass Clef below.

Etude Number One

Google Drive Link to Download Video

Etude Number Two

Google Drive Link to Download Video

Winner gets a digital and/or physical copy of the new book when it is done, or if they prefer in the 50 states a print copy of the first book asap. More perks to be announced later. Good luck!

P.S. Complete this survey if you have Bach Shapes One. Your input is much appreciated: Bach Shapes Two Survey

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