Free Downloads for FB Live workshop on Thursday April 9th, 1pm EST

Hello everyone, I hope you all are safe in this difficult times. My friend from the Berklee days, Alex Terrier, has graciously invited me to broadcast from his facebook page, Alex Terrier Music, an hour workshop on my book , Bach Shapes, focusing on new materials I am preparing for the second book. I am posting the handout for the lecture here, along with some auxiliary materials that will eventually end up in book two. I hope they are useful!


Pattern in Circle of Fifths

Cherokee Etude


  1. Jon, I don’t do FacePlant, but was able to watch the presentation. Thank you for connecting with Alex Terrier on this.

  2. Hi Phil, I am only doing pdf’s internationally, as the shipping costs more than the book! so you can pick it up at, where it will email you a link to download. I have to tried to get a physical presence in Europe but no luck yet! Maybe amazon? Jamey Aebersold also carries the book on their site. Thanks for watching!

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