T’ai Chi Classes

Starting in Summer 2020, I began teaching small T’ai Chi classes in Prospect Park, now on Zoom for the Winter. It has turned into a weekly meeting and has had great benefits for all of us during the pandemic. We are learning Grand Master William C.C. Chen’s 60 Movement Yang Form, and a great series of Fundamental Qigongs from Master Alex Dong.

I have been practicing T’ai Chi since 2012, and I am certified to teach the above forms, along with the Yang Sword form, Long Form, Push Hands and Competition Training. I have won 10 Gold Medals in competition for form and push hands at the USKSF International Tournaments in Baltimore, the New England Championships in Connecticut and the WFMAF Tournament in Long Island. I love this art form and also hope to teach some of the other related practices I do this summer, including Steel Mace, Indian Clubs, Sabre and more.

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The Constant Bear is an exercise created by the teacher of my teacher, Cheng Manching. I’m proud to be part of this lineage and also the lineage of Dong Ying Jie, whose great grandson, Alex, has created these wonderful Qigongs that we are currently learning on Zoom.

I have created signups here if you ever want to join us on Zoom. The classes are sliding scale, $10-20, and run just under an hour. We mostly practice the Qigongs here, and some form. Sign up below:

You can join our email list or ask any questions by emailing: constantbeartaichi@gmail.com