Wrapping Up the School Year

This has been quite the spring, finishing up my Masters here at City College in the next couple of weeks and having some amazing musical opportunities. I have yet to share on here a little bit of our reading session with Lee Konitz and Ted Brown, which we had at the College, playing the music of Jimmy Giuffre which they recorded in 1959. That experience, playing next to those guys on this music that I’ve listened to so much over the years, is hard to describe! We have yet to book a show for that group in the city but I hope to soon.

Today I just wanted to share Michael Steinman’s post covering my graduate recital a few weeks ago. Here is the link: Jazz Lives.

And here is one of the tunes we played. We were honored to have Steve Little on this, and Ray Gallon as well. Once I have finished my work here at the school I will return to this blog in earnest. Thanks for listening!

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