Sign up open for the next Zoom Workshop and Paul Desmond Analysis

Well we had a great time on Friday in the Zoom session. Here is a short outtake of a few spots:

I’d like to try the next one on February 25 at 11am EST. This time on writing jazz lines with Bach’s Shapes. Topics will include:

  • voice leading, adapting Bach’s sensibilities to jazz line building
  • bebop language
  • use of tensions and “color” notes
  • doubling on flute, clarinet and saxophone
  • phrasing
  • polyrhythm and irregular phrase lengths

Same system, donation based, $10-20 sliding scale. We’ll talk about ideas in the new book, or just about playing in general. You’ll get the recording afterwards and you’ll have plenty of chances to ask questions. The class will run 1.5 hours again. Sign up below!

And if you’re here for the PDF of Paul Desmond’s “Wintersong” solo, here it is!


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