Workshop III: Bach Loops plus sale on physical merchandise.

Well, after ten years we are moving to a new place. I’ve amassed quite a bit of stuff over the years and now would be a great time to pick up a print edition of Bach Shapes One, or any of my CD releases, at up to half off. This is also to clear the way for the FIVE, count ’em, FIVE new releases coming out this spring, starting with Bach Shapes: The Etudes on March 31st in four transpositions. More on that later!

Next bit of news, I am going to do my next Zoom workshop on Friday March 12, from noon to 1:30 EST. Sign up below by scrolling down to the calendar, clicking on the date, then time. Register to get a recording even if you can’t make it. Some feedback from the last two sessions:

“There are precious little tidbits in these videos”

“That was fun! It’s inspiring to hear your analysis”

“I really get a lot from these talks”

It’s great to be able to interact and take questions. The topic for this meeting will be Technical Practice. To discuss this I’m going to be referring to a chapter in the new book called “Bach Loops.” These are short looping technically challenging parts, directly out of Bach’s music and sometimes altered. I will address:

  • Outlining, the methods of teacher Abby Whiteside, which I discuss here: Jazz Ideas 6: Outlining
  • Inclusive intervals, ways to approach wide intervals
  • Releasing tension through repetition
  • How I practice this in my daily routine
  • Doubling on clarinet and/or flute
  • Basic image, imagining the music before you play it
  • Whatever else comes up!

Registering will also get you a discount code to use towards the new books, which will be available very soon!

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