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Bach Shapes: Diatonic Sequences for Saxophone, PDF edition.



Downloadable PDF version of Bach Shapes: Diatonic Sequences Derived From the Music of J. S. Bach, for saxophone. Includes 4 jazz etudes, an explanatory introduction and the Shapes transposed into all keys. More information, including reviews, articles, videos, recordings and more at Great for interval and scale practice,sight reading, transposing by ear, altissimo and more. When purchased, some customers have reported the download email going to their spam folder. Please check there if you don’t see an email. Otherwise I will send it along myself!

2 reviews for Bach Shapes – Digital Download

  1. Ruud

    Great book! Good
    For technique, but mainly very good for inspiration. Beautiful lines!

  2. Michael Robbins

    Wonderful book! I am an upright bassist, and one aspect of this book that I’ve really enjoyed, is that, once I’ve gotten an exercise under my fingers and can play it fluently I get a very similar gratifying feeling as when I play through a cello suite. Very musical, and I highly recommend it!

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