Bach Shapes: The Etudes out today!

The ebook is available in 4 transpositions!

The new ebooks, Bach Shapes: The Etudes are out today! Very excited to share these books with you. 12 etudes: 10 on standards, 1 freely improvised melody, 1 irish reel in odd time. All of the etudes having backing tracks from a great live band recorded in NYC. Best of all, these are available for C, Eb, Bb and Bass Clef! After the etudes you’ll find 7 pages of analysis, giving the source shapes, from Bach’s music, that I used to construct the etudes.
This book includes (almost) all of the etudes from Bach Shapes I and II, and more, and serves as a great supplement to both books. The analysis is exclusive to this book, and this is the only place you’ll find the etudes transposed for different instruments. Bach Shapes I and II are written in the Eb transposition.

I’m very happy with these, and hope you will enjoy them. I’ve also enjoyed receiving videos of great players playing the studies, like this one I got today from David Valbuena, playing Kosmapolitano from the Bb version.

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