Lead Sheet Download and Analysis: “Sax of A Kind” -Warne Marsh

Today I transcribed Warne Marsh’s head on “Fine and Dandy,” “Sax of A Kind.” Since it appears to be a hard one to find a lead sheet for I am putting it up here in Concert, Bb and Eb.

“Sax of A Kind” – Lee Konitz – Concert Lead Sheet

“Sax of A Kind” – Lee Konitz – Bb Clarinet Range Lead Sheet

“Sax of A Kind” – Lee Konitz – Bb Tenor Sax Range Lead Sheet

“Sax of A Kind” – Lee Konitz – Eb Alto Sax Lead Sheet

The new episode of Jazz Ideas, Episode 11, covers this melody and some of its highlights.


  1. Nice transcriptions Jon. I think in bar 28 the second note is an Ab maybe?
    Will you be doing the transcription of the last melody where there are two lines?
    Nice analysis too!

    1. I think you’re right! Ab the first time, A later in the measure. Though now I just heard a version where that phrase starts with A Bb Db F as the pick up. Will add that Ab in though, thanks for spotting it. Not planning on adding the out head at the moment! We’ll see if I get back to this kind of work.

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